Is gambling online in India legal?

Is gambling online in India legal? Is gambling online in India legal?

In India, questions like "is gambling online legal?" and "are there even online casinos that accept players from India?" are being asked, and rightfully so. This is due to the fact that Indian laws and gaming regulatory body, prohibited gambling according to the Public Gaming Act of 1867. Although this law bans gambling of any form in India, revoking their casino license as a result, there is a loophole that exists which people exploit today.

The success of current online casinos in India is as a result of this, everyone can participate in a form of legal online gambling in India without interference by the authorities.

An overview of the legal situation of online gambling in India

Many research and interviews of law and gaming experts have been carried out by journalists to investigate the legitimacy of legal betting in online casino India. Let's discuss the outcome of these interviews and research. Firstly, the answer to the question, "is online gambling in India is legal?" has a little twist to it.

The Public Gaming Act of 1867 prohibits all forms of betting, as well as Indians from visiting casino homes. However, this law does not directly address the possibility of online gambling as such was not common at that time. As a result of this, some of the best online casinos started allowing registration for players in India.

Governmental prohibition on online gambling bank transactions

Currently, there are many online casinos that accept rupees to accommodate the Indian market. However, gambling online in India is not formally illegal, as there are laws that restrict Indian banks from trading directly with these sites, on behalf of the players. As a response to this, players moved on from making use of bank accounts to fund their gambling wallets and embracing e-wallets like Paytm instead.

The freedom of states

The nature of online betting laws in India also permits individual states to develop their own rules according to the constitution in 1950. This means that each state in India has its own betting regulations, therefore some are strict, while others are freer depending on their government.

A good example of this is the state of Sikkim, where the government is trying to legalize and regulate online gambling and even already accepting applications from gambling operators to obtain a license. However, in Tamil Nadu, the legality or illegality of online gambling is very gray and doing either is certainly not a prosecutable offense. Also, some states allow games of skill, while prohibiting games of luck. Currently, the only state where online gambling is a prosecutable offense is Maharashtra.

Due to the situation of things, local laws sometimes contradict federal ones, and lots of legal experts have their individual ideologies and interpretation of the law pertaining to this modern age. However, no one is being arrested or prosecuted, which is solid proof that online gambling isn't outright illegal. You can read up this government report on gambling for more insight into the situation.

Gambling remains illegal in India, and these sites only avoid this restriction because they are hosted abroad. For example, 22bet casino, considered to be the best online casino in India, has no branch in the country. However, they integrate so well with the people in India by accepting Indian rupees and supporting the Hindu language.

Games of skill and games of luck

One of the gray nature of online betting in India is the area of games of skills and games of luck. A game of skill is a game in which you can increase your chances of succeeding by studying the game and getting a hang of it. For example, you can learn about the history of a previous meeting between horses in a horse race, their different strengths, and predict the outcome of their next meeting.

On the other hand, a game of luck is a game where you cannot do anything to increase your chances of winning, instead, everything is left to luck and your knowledge accounts for nothing. For example, regardless of how smart and studious you are, you cannot impact the outcome of the RNG based roulette game. Your chances are fixed and your bet is as good as that of a two-year-old. With this example, online gambling is technically a game of luck, however, since it's hosted abroad, you can still play and earn returns.

Will online gambling be officially legalized in India?

Although there have been hundreds of petitions and debates on the reason why online gambling should be legalized in India, nobody knows for sure when this would happen, or if at all it would ever come to pass. For all we know, it may happen tomorrow, next year, or never even come to pass at all. Regardless of its outcome, you can keep playing online. However, you have to look out for scam sites as you should play with only trusted online casinos recommended by

What are the best online casino sites in India?

There are several top choices for the best online casinos in India. These sites listed below were chosen based on several considerations.

  • Site safety
  • Licensing (e.g curacao and malta)
  • Currency conversion option
  • Overall speed of payouts.
  • Customer service
  • Deposit methods

Although these are not the only factors to be considered, there are very paramount, and could easily give an insight into the scope of operation and legitimacy of the site.

To select which is best, you can also use a good online casino comparison site like Casinos-India, to distinguish the qualities each site have from one another and single out the best. Here is a rundown of some of our top choices:

  • Betway casino
  • 22bet casino
  • Casumo
  • Betwinner
  • Bet365
  • Melbet
  • Primatch
  • Rabona
  • Comeon
  • 1XBet

If you are looking for the best choice to play online casino games, you can easily select any of our choices listed above. These sites are secure, licensed, have a long history of payouts, and are super responsive. In all, they would make your online gaming experience worthwhile, and as a plus, also offer a ton of games for you to choose from.

Wrapping up, at the moment, you can gamble online in India without incurring the wrath of the authorities, as there are no rules against it. However, the downside to this is that you can easily be swindled due to the presence of numerous fake sites on the web. This is why it is important to only visit trusted online gambling sites.