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The online gambling world is very competitive, so online casinos need to offer bonuses as a means to entice new players to open an account with them and to keep their existing customers happy. When it comes down to bonuses, free spins are the most popular. In this review, we shall explain free spins for slot games, take a look at the different types that exist, how you can claim them, and the common T&Cs that will often apply to them. In other words, you will be able to find everything that you should know about free spins.

What Exactly Are Free Spins?

This is a question that we are frequently asked, and it is safe to say that they are one of the easiest bonuses to understand. As is implied by the name, when you get free spins, you will be able to have some free plays on some slot games, meaning that they are one of the best kind of bonuses out there. However, we should add here that more often than not you will be told what slot games you can use your free spins on.

Why are free spins offered to players? Well, this is something that we touched upon in our introduction - it is a bonus that is offered to entice people to register. However, once an online casino has enticed someone to open an account with them, the next thing they need to do is make sure they stick around. This is why bonuses such as free spins are offered regularly in promotional offers.

A fantastic thing about a free spin casino is that you can test it out without risking any of your own money. If, once you have used your free spins, you feel that the online casino is not for you, you can simply withdraw your money and look for another casino that is better suited to you.

What Kind of Free Spin Bonuses Do Casinos Provide?

There are many different kinds of free spin bonuses that you will encounter when you are gambling at online casinos. Like with all things in life, it is very important that you have a solid understanding of the different kinds of offers that you might encounter.

Not being able to tell the difference between bonuses could mean that you miss out on the best offer, and we certainly do not want that to happen. Therefore, below we are going to take a look at 7 common free spin bonuses that you come across in the online casino world.

Free Spins Promos

It is no exaggeration to declare that the gaming industry is the most competitive out there. Every year, there is more competition entering the market, which means that online casinos have to come up with ways to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

One way they do this is by offering gifts in the shape of welcome offers, bonuses, promotions. Those who already own an account with a casino will get regular emails telling them about exciting promotional offers that are available. Sometimes, one of the offers will be some free spins, and it is a bonus you need to take advantage of.

Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

There are many different free spin bonuses, but free spins no deposit ones are certainly the most popular. Why? Well, this bonus gives players the chance to play at new sites without needing to deposit any of their cash first. This is very handy as it means that if you do not like the site, then you can just leave and do not have to withdraw and deposits that you recently made.

Free Spins Deposit Bonus

This is the most frequent free spin bonus that you will encounter in the world of gambling. If you want to claim this type of bonus, you will first need to deposit some money into your account. In most cases, you will only need to deposit $10 in order to claim the bonus.

The number of spins on the house that will be granted to you will vary from one casino to the next, but it will usually range from 10-100 spins. It is also not rare to come across an online casino that is willing to match your initial deposit and also give you some free spins to boot.

Free Spin Prizes

This bonus is one that only the most loyal customers will encounter regularly. Casinos love players who show loyalty and many will have their own loyalty programs. With such programs, the more money you spend, the more bonus points you will accumulate over time, and then you will eventually be able to trade these coins for real prizes such as some free spins.

Additionally, if you bet a lot of cash with them, then there is a good chance that they will invite you to join their VIP program. If you become a VIP player, you will get free spins thrown your way quite often.

Mobile Specific Free Spins

As you have probably guessed from the name, this is a bonus that applies to those who gamble on their mobile phones. Nowadays, a lot of us play casino games on our mobiles, meaning that we can play our favourite game or games wherever we happen to bet.

Online casinos know how popular mobile gamin is now, so they make sure that mobile players do not end up missing out on great bonuses. Also, they are aware that if they ignore mobile players, they could alienate and lose many potential players.

Free Spins No Deposit Codes

Every now and then existing players will receive an email saying that they have some free spins that can be used on specific games. In order to claim this bonus, you will need to input the given code next time you sign into your account. However, it must be said that codes are quickly becoming obsolete as casinos know that players do not want to bother having to input codes to claim bonuses.

Birthday Free Spins

There are a number of casino sites out there that will reward you with free spins when your birthday rolls around. They do this to make their players feel wanted, meaning that there is more chance that they will stick around. With such bonuses, you will often be told what slots you can use the free spins on - it will usually be whatever slots they are trying to promote at the time. In order to make this type of bonus more enticing, the wagering requirements will often be relaxed.

How to Claim Your Free Spins Bonuses

When it comes to claiming your free spins, there is a specific process that you will often have to go through. What exactly is this process? Well, read on, and you will find out.

  1. Find an online casino that you like the look of and complete the registration procedure
  2. When you have your new account, deposit the min deposit funds required so that you qualify for the bonus. Obviously, if you so wish, you can deposit the max amount. Also, if it is a free spins no deposit bonus, then you will not be required to deposit cash right away
  3. Now that your account has funds in it, find the tab on the casino's homepage that says "My Rewards" or something similar as it can vary from casino to casino. Choose the bonus that you want, which is free spins in this case, and click on it – if there is a specific slot that you have to use the free spins on, then you will be taken to it
  4. Start playing and hope for the best. Good luck

Free Spins Bonus Terms and Conditions to Be Aware of

Bonuses, no matter what kind they are, will always have specific terms and conditions that apply to them. It is important that you take the time to read the T&Cs before you make use of a bonus so that you know what the online casino is expecting from you.

Failure to reads the terms and conditions could see you break some regulations, which could then see you lose the bonus. So, what are some common T&Cs that you will come across while gambling? Well, once again, we have listed them below for you:

  • Wagering Requirements: The majority of bonuses will come with wagering requirements. For those who are new to the online casino world, wagering requirements are basically the number of times that you need to wager your bonus money or any money won from your bonus before you can make a withdrawal. For instance, if you get 30 free spins and you win $150 with those, you will usually be required to stake those winnings a set number of times before it it real money you can withdraw
  • Slot Specific Free Spins: You will usually find the spins that you get can only be used on specific slots. There are some casinos that will let you use your free spins on any slots that they have, but these are pretty rare
  • Timed Barred Free Spins: There will be times when you have a time limit in which to make use of your free spins. If you do not manage to use your free spins in the allotted time, then you lose them
  • No Deposit Free Spins Winnings: If you get a win while using your no deposit free spin bonus, there is a solid chance that the casino you are playing with will require you to make a deposit before withdrawal is possible. This makes perfect sense as it prevents people from winning with the free spins, withdrawing the money, and then not coming back to play
  • Limited Cash Winnings: Most casinos will place a limit on how much money you can win when using free spins. They are not going to allow players to win life-changing sums of money while playing for free
  • Know Your Customer: Before you will be allowed to make a withdrawal, you will have to confirm your identity. The reason this has to be done is that the casino is obliged to ensure that you are of a legal gambling age and are who you say you are. If they willingly allow someone who is underage to gamble, then they will lose their license

What to Look Out for in a Free Spins Bonus

Before you sign up with an online casino, you should do a bit of shopping around before you take the plunge. If you are buying a new car, you do not buy the first one that you come across, so a valid question is why would you do the same when it comes to an online casino where you are going to be spending money? If you sign up with the very first one you see, you could miss out on an amazing offer elsewhere.

When it comes to free spin bonuses, there are two main things that you should look out for, and these can be seen below.

Fair wagering requirements: If you come across a bonus which has low wagering requirements attached to it, but you still get a lot of free spins, then it really should tempt you. Low wagering requirements and lots of free spins is something that you would be a bit silly not to claim.

Free spins given on high volatility slots: If you come across a casino that offers free spins on slots that have high volatility, then you really should think about claiming it. Why is this the case? Well, slots with high volatility do not pay out as often as those with low volatility, but when a win does come along it will be a big won.

To Sum Up

Thanks to this useful guide, you should know all you need to know about free spins now. They are very popular because they allow players to win cash without having to risk any of their own money, which is always extremely useful. They are also well liked because they give players the opportunity to get a feel for an online casino before they fully commit themselves by signing up. If you play at a free spin casino and do not like what you see, you can leave without having spent any of your own hard-earned money.


Below are some popular questions that people like to ask about free spins.

Do Free Spin Bonuses Allow Me to Win Real Money?

When you are making use of free spins bonuses, you will definitely be able to win some real money. However, when you do win, you will often be required to complete some wagering requirements before you can start thinking about making a withdrawal.

Do I Need a Bonus Code to Claim Free Spins?

Sometimes you will be asked to input a bonus code in order to activate the free spins on offer. However, casinos are aware that players do not enjoy adding extra information, so they are now becoming rarer.

Can I Win Jackpots with Free Spins?

This will depend on the online casino that you have an account with and how generous they are. However, the majority will have a set limit that they allow you to win when using free spins. Whenever you do get a chance to play for free and be in with the chance of winning the jackpot, you should definitely try your luck as you have nothing to lose.

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